Jack’s no holds barred approach to supporting the young people on our filmmaking project was magnificent and he genuinely inspired participants to create some fantastic video art on a shoe string budget with very limited time at their disposal. I would highly recommend working with Jack to support young filmmakers who are serious about producing their own films. His teaching is seriously good.

Oliver Tipper, Audience Development, Artist Rooms Project, TATE & The Wilson Gallery, Cheltenham

Youth Cinema Foundation Boomtown.jpg

Get yourself onto this course. Jack's teaching drills deep into the heart of performance, connection on [Camera] and gives clear parameters and guidance to create vulnerable and truthful performances ... Such important learning for me. Can't wait to start applying it and watch it grow from here.

Profesional Director Young Vic Genesis Director Program (Short Course) 2017

The Youth Cinema Foundation has provided Somerset teenagers with the opportunity to learn and engage in performing and filmmaking of the highest standard. We have been proud to be part of the community engagement and look forward to working with Jack Price and the Youth Cinema Foundation in the future

Debbie Hillyerd, Head of Education, Hauser & Wirth, Somerset

Youth Cinema Foundation Shaftesbury's End.jpg

Studying with Jack Price has been the single most influential experience of my training as an actor. I have never been more excited about acting! If you get the opportunity to take a course with Jack Price, I urge you do it.

Danann - Actor Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory. Bristol Old Vic Theatre School

'Unrequited' 2016

'Unrequited' 2016

Sexey’s School has supported the Youth Cinema Foundation from its inception and many local young people, including many students at Sexey’s, have benefited hugely from the great experience and gained in confidence from this unique opportunity. The project has enabled these students to develop their character and acquire essential life skills which will benefit them in the future. Sexey’s School is keen to continue its support of this worthwhile and engaging project.

Irfan Latif Headmaster Sexey's School, Bruton Somerset

Incredible teaching style. Jacks style is incomparable with other teaching methods, it's amazing.

Bristol Student 2015

Thank you for showing me what I am capable of.

Lydia Rostant -Cheltenham Student 2015 

The performers have all progressed immensely and I feel my filmmaking abilities have risen no end due to not only being completely immersed, but also due to Jack who is an incredible filmmaker, visionary and mentor. Anyone looking to develop their skills I cannot recommend this course enough. This is something I will carry through my career.

Matt England - Somerset Film Maker 2015

'Goat's Church' 2016

'Goat's Church' 2016

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful event last Friday. The professionalism of all concerned was exceptional. I'm biased of course, So I loved seeing [my daughter] on screen and so pleased [my son] got a credit at the end of the first movie...You are an inspiration. Someone that lives his passion and gives back. I admire what you do a great deal. Thank you.

Parent Somerset 2015

If you are considering acting for the screen or even just want to be a part of film making this course is what you need! It's amazing and well worth it!

Student Somerset 2015

My daughter has gained so much from the Youth Cinema Course, she has become so confident both as a person and an actress. Thank you Jack.

Parent Somerset 2015

Do it. It will push your boundaries but you will be held in a safe place.

Student Bristol 2015

'Goat's Church'2016

'Goat's Church'2016

Thank you for the effect that your course has had upon me. It showed me something in theatre that I hadn't seen before... It made it exciting again. I really will be forever grateful, it has since completely changed my attitude towards performance.

Eleanor Dobson - Another Place Theatre Company

....probably the best course I have ever been on! ....Awesome teacher too!

Harrie Hayes- Actress

I haven't stopped waxing lyrical about this course to all my actor friends and have encouraged them all to jump on the next short course. I think the course will come to have a very, very positive bearing on the performance landscape of Bristol and the South West.

Jay Oliver Yip - Actor/Producer

Jack Price Shooting 'BoomTown'

Jack Price Shooting 'BoomTown'

My daughter had lost all her confidence and self-esteem before starting on the YCF acting course. Since completing several courses her confidence is returning and she is starting to enjoy life again. Jack is so easy going and patient and this makes his teaching so good. We cannot thank him enough and eagerly await another course.

Parent Bristol 2015

I have gained a larger sense of how much there is to learn about the acting world and how exciting it is to learn!

Student Bristol 2016

Do it. Don't hesitate. It gave my son a huge amount of enjoyment during the course, and a huge amount of pride in the film he made. He loved it, and we could see the difference it had wrought in him.

Parent Somerset 2016

For the first time I experienced my daughter being so high after class, so energised and motivated my dream of finding her a school - albeit Monday evening school was fulfilled.

Parent Bristol 2015

Ella-Rae Smith Youth Cinema Foundation Spindrift.png

[My daughter] has gained confidence, developed new skills and been inspired to continue pursuing her interest in acting and performance. She has also had the chance to mix with a completely different group of young people from her school friendship group and I strongly believe this has helped her overcome some obstacles to making new friends and being confident in different social situations.

Parent Bristol 2014

My teenager has found her voice. She has spent many years with complex health problems and bullying issues this life experience and attitudes of others has not been positive although she is able to deal with more than most. Through her work with YCF she has gained her confidence and found her voice. She has been able to express herself and challenge other peoples views. She has used what she has been taught here at school and in her Drama and English. She has developed as a whole person through this experience and has the confidence to question others and started to believe in herself and her acting abilities. She has also become more aware of the world around her so much so she is now looking to take environmental studies along side her acting. She was always motivated and inspired after each lesson and always looked forward to the next lesson as she gained so much. She would love to continue.

Parent Bristol 2014

This course has given me amazing techniques. I am much more confident in my ability to act now and I have also made many friends.

Student 2014

My daughter has lost her fear of performing and this has helped her general confidence. To have made a film from start to finish and watched herself in front of a large audience at the screening is a great experience to have under her belt.

Parent Somerset 2014

Youth Cinema Foundation Exposure.jpg

It's a technique that will radically change the way you inhabit the stage, your relationship to other actors and where to put your attention when performing..... Jack is very insightful and able to accurately 'read' what students are doing during exercises and give them practical feedback which is always authentic, practical and thought-provoking.

Student 2015

Jack created a sense of trust and openness within the group which made a lot of space for feeling safe and trying everything out, with no judgement or fear of 'doing it wrong'.

Profesional Adult Director (Short Course) 2017

Youth Cinema Foundation Shaftesburys End.jpg

100% of hundreds of students surveyed in 2015/2016/ 2017 felt safe in class and found the teaching very or extremely effective.