Tobacco Factory


Here is a short clip I shot just after doing the Vamos Theatre mask workshop at the Tobacco Factory. It was very strange working inside a mask, strange and exciting. The isolation and lack of connection is extremely difficult to work with, you have to create secret signs just so you know when someone is next to you. Its all about focus and I would guess the opportunity for error is massive but the power of these faces was something. Vamos Theatre cast from their workshops so check out the video for dates.

The Chocolate Plant @ Prototype

Here is a film with casting information for a new show called The Chocolate Plant. It's coming to Bristol in Jan 2013 and is being developed by Anna Farthing at Harvest Heritage Arts and Media. I filmed with Anna and Bea Roberts, the playwright, last Sunday 4th March 2012 at Prototype at The Tobacco Factory Theatre. You can find casting information at the end of the four minute film. I was really impressed by the idea which bites into the bitter take-over of Cadbury by Kraft. It looks like it's going to address greed and capitalism head on, which I liked a lot. It felt like Jerry Springer crossed with "Letter to Brezhnev". My feeling is that the show is going to be epic with a big score and a large female cast.