The Oscars Live Action Short Film- shortlist 2013.

I just got to watch the pre-selection for the 2013 Oscars in the Live Action Short Films category, in the theatre at the Academy of Motion Picture arts and Sciences in LA.My favorite right now is Asad. The best trailer is Buzkashi Boys.

The shortlist is 10 long and only 5 get nominated on January 15th. Here are the trailers;

Teaser Kiruna-Kigali from Erlend Kristoffersen on Vimeo.

SALAR - Clip from award-winning short film from Nicholas Greene on Vimeo.

Buzkashi Boys Trailer from Sam French on Vimeo.

The live action short films "9meter", "Henry" and "The Night Shift Belongs to the Stars" (with Julian Sand and Nastassja Kinski) have no trailers online yet.

Oscar nominations are due soon....

Jack is filming in Los Angeles at the moment with last years Oscar winners, he is putting together a set of theatrical feature films with this year nominations. Two of the winners from last year are William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg's. William Joyce has also written Dreamwork's "The Rise of the Guardians". Here is the trailer for their short film which won last years Oscar for best animated short.